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Thursday, January 22, 2009


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  • Self-righteousness marks the new culture. It demands sexual freedom, abortion, and feminism, i.e., freedom from responsibility to others in every sphere. It resents any call to moral accountability in any Biblical sense. It is the culture of death. We must separate ourselves from it by affirming the culture of life, Christianity.We are living in challenging times, and all around is a seething culture of death. We are witnessing humanism’s great decline, but for those of us who hold fast to God’s laws and covenant promises, our confidence in the victory of God can serve as a daily inspiration for faith and action. In other words, we work hard because of the One in whom we believe! What is our work? Our work is to affirm the culture of Christianity: the culture of life and liberty. Our work is to separate ourselves from the culture of death, and we do this both by what we affirm and by what we seek to restore. We affirm Christian liberty, and we work to restore faith, family, church, education, and more. Not so with a dying humanistic society. For them, they affirm a culture death, because a culture of death is the end result of a rebellion against Biblical morality. Modern man sees himself as an individual connected directly to the state, so the clamoring is for the right to sin under the guise of abortion, sexual license, gender neutrality, and the like. This is why humanism is in decline. Its celebrated age of democracy has only multiplied the evil as fallen man drifts further from faith and Biblical morality. This undermines liberty itself because it wars against Christian responsibility, as Rushdoony notes: "Democracy always perishes from an overdose of democracy. Standards perish before majority rule; the group morale outweighs morality; the insistence on rights nullifies the doctrine of responsibility"
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