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  • The contribution of Christian philosopher Cornelius Van Til to twentieth-century Christian thought has centered on the fact that there is no such thing as neutrality in the debate between those who are for and those who are against the Christian faith. All thought inescapably rests on certain presuppositions, meaning assumptions that are taken for granted before organized thought can even begin. Even the skeptic’s claim that ‘we can’t be sure about anything” is a contradiction, in that it rests on the premise that we can be sure about this much, at least. To deny the existence of presuppositions is to denigrate human reason. It is to omit one of the most basic facts of existence. In addition, all presuppositions which do not take the God of Scripture as the ultimate reference point end in making human reason impossible. “Nothing is known unless there is first the presupposition of knowledge, and on no other ground is such a presupposition possible than the Christian theistic one. We know a real world because we believe by faith that God created it. From our first breath as a babe, we assume the reality of that world and the trustworthiness of our knowledge and experience.” In his rebellion against the Creator, man will deny all knowledge just to deny that one basic inescapable fact: the existence of God.
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