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Thursday, January 10, 2013


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  • One of the more important books of this century was Albert Jay Nock's Our Enemy, The State (Caxton Printers, Caldwell, Idaho, 1935ff.). Without agreeing with Nock in all things, it is necessary to agree with him that the modern state is man's new church and saving institution. The state, however, is an antisocial institution, determined to suppress and destroy all the historic and religiously grounded powers of society. With F.D. Roosevelt and The New Deal, the goal of the statists became openly "the complete extinction of social power through absorption by the State" (p. 21). This will continue in its suicidal course, until there is not enough social power left to finance the State's plans (as became the case in Rome). The State's intervention into every realm is financed by the productivity of the non-statist and economic sector: "Intervention retards production; then the resulting stringency and inconvenience enable further intervention, which in turn still further retards production; and this process goes on until, as in Rome, in the third century, production ceases entirely, and the source of payment dries up" (p. 1510. It is true that crime needs suppression, but, instead of suppressing crime, the State safeguards its own monopoly of crime.
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