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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


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  • We began by stating that the issue with respect to gold is an issue more centrally with respect to God. Is there an ultimate and absolute order, and does God’s sovereign law establish an inescapable order with respect to every sphere, so that transgression of that law brings social penalties and decay? Or is humanism true, and the only value is man and his desires, ~ his pleasure in consumption, display, and expression? The monetary crisis reflects a cultural crisis. Those opposing welfare economics must of necessity have a sound monetary policy. But a sound monetary policy rests in the framework of absolute law, in the basic premise of the sovereign and absolute God whose law-order governs all reality. Without this faith, the conservative’s economics lacks the consistency of the statist’s. The monetary policies of socialism reflect, after all, a consistent faith in the ultimacy and sovereignty of man and man’s ability to create his own law, money, and world at will. Here as elsewhere the question is simply this: who is God? If the Lord be God, then follow Him. But if Bad be god, then Baal must be followed. Not without significance, the U. S. coinage, from the days of the Civil War, bore the imprint, “In God We Trust.”
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