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Mom was a 1st generation Mexican-American who grew up in Ozona, Texas. Her father, a vacquero who worked on local ranches, was a voracious reader with a great love for history. When she was in high school she expressed an interest in continuing her education, an interest her mother did not share. but her father encouraged her to do that if that was what she wanted.

In the course of exploring options for colleges, she ran into an obstacle: she discovered that the high school in her town for Mexicans was not accredited. Pressure was exerted on her by local school officials to discontinue her efforts to go to college. With support from her father she pressed on. local school officials were forced to do a very fast Texas 2 step to get the high school accredited and thus she went, upon high school graduation, to North Texas State College in Denton, Texas.

She did run into some prejudice at school but made friends and at the end of her first year she transferred to Sam Houston State Teacher's College in Huntsville, Texas (now Sam Houston State University). It was here that she met my dad, who was attending school on the G.I. Bill after being discharged from the Army following the end of WWII.

Eventually they married and left college. Dad went to a trade school to learn a trade so he could support his new wife. He completed a course in photo-engraving. about this time they also came to the realization that they did not want to raise a mult-racial (Dad was an Anglo)family in the racist milieu of late 1940s Texas. An opportunity arose to come to Chicago and work as a photo-engraver. By this time, they had a daughter and Dad took the job. They moved to Chicago and I was born and raised there along with two younger sisters.

They had always hoped and dreamed that their children would go to college. While Dad never made a lot of money. there were always books in the house and plenty to eat.


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