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  • It is indicative of the effects of pietistic preaching in our day that universal monetary debasement continues unchallenged by God’s representatives. This has not always been the case. Hugh Latimer preached a sermon against monetary inflation to the young King Edward VI in 1549. England had been devastated by the monetary debasement practiced by the king’s father, Henry VIII, and Latimer used Isaiah 1:22 as his text, calling attention to the evils of inflation. 28 We should understand that when God’s ministers fail to understand His word, and when they neglect to apply His standards in every area of life, thereby abdicating power to the enemies of God, they leave God’s people open to the predictable, inevitable external judgment which comes to any society that systematically neglects God’s social and economic laws. The alternative to God’s social and economic law is not neutral “natural” law, but anti-law, lawlessness, and destruction.
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